Ballpoint on moleskine. 

Ballpoint on moleskine. 

Thanks to one of my favourite art blogs, Ignant, for this!  I am very touched. 

Thanks to one of my favourite art blogs, Ignant, for this!  I am very touched. 

astaeryatywer-deactivated201408 said: Heroo, your art is amazing. I would like to ask: how do you go about drawing hair? I have managed to avoid it so far, but now I have to take up the task of realistic hair. Cheerio

Hello, thank you! 

I leave hair till last and treat it as its own thing. What I’ve found works best is patience- divide it into sections and attack it that way, a little bit at a time, instead of as a whole. Exaggerate lights and darks, obviously only shade the direction the hair falls. I find drawing hair relaxing, hence so many sketchbook pictures of it- practice! 

Anonymous said: Hi! just wanna ask... You already made posters and album covers for some bands right? Did they contact you to make them or did you propose your works to them? thx and sorry for my bad english...

The bands/promoters contacted me! 

Anonymous said: Do you have your own gallery? or like art shows at galleries?

See link I juuuuust posted! Got a solo show March 2015. 

If you were interested in purchasing work, here is what is for sale- please contact the gallery about these pieces! Working on new stuff every day for the end of this year and the beginning of next. 

Waiting for pie to cook

Waiting for pie to cook

Anonymous said: You're really really really amazing

Thanks, so are you

Anonymous said: Your work is incredible

Thanks, so is yours

finnick-lost-his-net said: Hi Henrietta! I've just recently discovered your artwork and it is amazing! I am so inspired by it and I was wondering if I could use some of your pieces as inspiration for an art project I'm doing at school? Thankyou so much! x

Of course mate!